Hands and flowers

August 2, 2017

Tbilisi, Georgia

When traveling around Georgia, I was giving out my photographs printed for admission exams to people I met. On that day I brought some images to owners of a home wine cellar in Tbilisi on Mazniashvili street. It’s funny that while looking through the pictures they kept saying something like “suratei” or “surati” which sounded so familiar that I asked the sisters if the word meant “a picture” or “a photograph”. Amused by my question, they replied that I was right (“suret” means “photograph/picture” in Kazakh — Å). On my way back to hostel I looked up and noticed the hands peeking out from behind the greens. I couldn’t miss a chance to capture the moment.

Image: Balnour Nussipova

Published: April 9, 2018