Paper cup (Hoegaarden) by We Have To Now

Adamdar Radio Kazakhstan

Paper cup (Hoegaarden) by We Have To Now

August 14, 2018

Almaty, Kazakhstan

We Have To Now, a young indie band from Almaty, Kazakhstan, present their first music video — Paper cup (Hoegaarden).

The song was recorded in Almaty. Akmaral Zykayeva, aka Mergen, who is famous for her solo projects in electronic and indie music as well as her Qazaz Lounge project, participated in sound engineering of the track. Takezhan, a legendary rapper from Taraz, played one of the main characters in the video. The video was shot in one of laghman joints in Almaty.

We Have To Now:

Asya Tulesova, vocals, guitar

Nani Khalelova, vocals, guitar

Kuat Abeshev, drums, style

Zhan, bass guitar

Kas, bass guitar


Nazgul Khalelova

Daulet Sarsenbin

Bauyrzhan Sabitov

Samat Raushanov


Alexey Karamzin


Mademoiselle Fortuna

Takezhan Utegaliyev aka Takesh

Daniyar Suleimenov

Timur Nusimbekov

Manon Cassara

Indira Ikhsan

Asset Abdirov

Sound mixing & sound engineering

Akmaral Zykayeva, aka Mergen


Dmitry Nerovny


Mister Ramin

Published: August 14, 2018