Zere has released a new music video

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Zere has released a new music video

Photographs by Timur Nusimbekov, Malika Autalipova

September 14, 2019

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

On September 14, Zere Asylbek, a Kyrgyz activist and musician, released her new song and video Suyunchu.

The video was shot in Bishkek, the singer’s hometown. The action takes place in Kyrgyzstan in 2025. Zere says the video reflects various interrelated problems in Kygyz society. The script was written by Zere, and the video was directed by Saikal Jumalieva.

“The video is full of symbols. I wanted people to find something new in the video every time they watched it,”  Zere comments in a conversation with Adamdar/CA.



Suyunchu is a Kyrgyz word used to tell someone the good news when a baby is born.

Zere Asylbek is a Bishkek-based civil activist and the author of the song and video Kyz.

Zere’s song and video not only made thousands of people around the globe discover Kyrgyz language and the new Bishkek vibe for the first time, but also gave rise to debates about diseases that Central Asian republics still suffer from — bigotry and bride kidnapping, about the gruesome murder of 19-year-old Burulay Turdaliyeva and many other victims of this medieval violence.


Seven facts about the music video Suyunchu:

1. The video is released on September 14, exactly one year after the release of Kyz.

2. The video is directed by Saikal Jumalieva, a famous Kyrgyz dancer, director and blogger.

3. Over 70 people were engaged in the shooting process.

4. While working on the concept of the song and the script of the video, Zere had watched several documentary and historical films, read a significant number of books and articles on the history of political systems and the problems of corruption, as well as the Kyrgyz Constitution.

5. There is a number of apparent and hidden symbols that refer the reader to some of the most important issues and problems of modern Kyrgyztan.

6. There is a person holding a blank poster in the video. The scene is a reference to Aslan Sagutdinov, a Kazakh civil activist who went on a demonstration in Uralsk in May 2019 and was immediately detained by the police. Before and after this case, there has been a number of detainments and arrests of activists and artists who held posters calling for democratic reforms and fair elections in Kazakhstan, and protesting repressions.

7. One police hat was lost on set.

On Monday, September 16, Adamdar/CA will present online the new short documentary where Zere tells her story and shares thoughts on feminism and music.

Published: September 14, 2019