“The Old Man and the Aral Sea”

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“The Old Man and the Aral Sea”

February 4, 2019

Aral sea, Kazakhstan

“The Old Man and the Aral Sea” documentary film

Director: Asylkhan Mamashuly 
Production: Radio Azattyq

“The Old Man and the Sea” is a documentary about the Aral area known as the “area of a man-made environmental disaster”. It tells a story of… hope once thought almost lost here. The Kokaral dam, finalized in 2006, allowed to isolate a small part of the Aral Sea that has been shrinking since 1960s. This place is called North Aral Sea. Since the launch of the dam, water level has been raising here, life has been reviving, fishermen are taking their boats to the sea once again. And hope is warming up their hearts. This is the life of Karashalan village and an old man Omirzak who the saw the sea go and never thought he would see it return. 

The film is available in Russian and Kazakh.


Published: February 4, 2019